About Me

Hello… I am Chelsey, a 18-year-old girl from Kent, UK. I was born on 19th May 1999 at around 1pm and I am currently in Y13 studying Maths, IT and law at 6th form. I love makeup, books, movies, watching stuff on the TV, expressing and having a lot of weird thoughts and a lot more. It’s a place on the internet where I can express my weirdness to a non-existent audience.

I have wanted to do this for a while now but I never had the chance to do it. This is some form of escapism from the reality of almost being an adult and having all these added pressures and stresses like what I want to be when I leave school, do I want to go to university and many other things that come with being an adult. It’s hard to get used to as I’m used to being a child.

P.S: I have Random obsessions and phases at the most random of times.

My Posting schedule: Posts every Saturday at 11am (UK Time).