My Weird Phases and Obsessions 

I am one who has weird phases where I am obsessed with a certain thing and I thought why not share a few with you guys. Lets go

  • The Shakira Phase – This is a phase I have been in since the beginning of 2017 and haven’t got out of it as of yet. 
  • The stationary obsessions – This is literally an obsession that I have had since I was very young and I haven’t got out of this either. 
  • The going to school clubs phase – This was something that was massive in my primary school years. I literally done everything from dance to handchimes. However, when I went into secondary school I pretty much quit all of these clubs and to be completely honest I think that it was the best decision that I could of made.

    I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next. 



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