Heart to Heart: The Night Before an Exam

As you may know, it is the dreaded exam season. I’m in Y13 so I’m in my 2nd year of A-Levels/BTEC Level 3s and due to me taking A-Level Maths, I have exams (the first of which was on May 17th). I would say that I am reasonably experienced with the whole exam ordeal as this is now my 4th consecutive year of doing exams and due to this I thought that I would share my tips of what I do to prepare for an exam the night before and on the day of an exam.

It is hard, I really do know but there are some ways in which you can get yourself prepared both physically and mentally for an exam. 

These tips are all down to my personal opinion. You can change them to what is beneficial for you and to suit your needs and your lifestyle. 

The Night Before

  • This is something down to personal opinion but I don’t revise after school the night before an exam. This is due to the fact that I feel that if I don’t know something before the night before, why would I know it the night before and it stresses me out way too much and stress is the thing you want the least. Depending on who you are you may want to revise the night before but I don’t recommend it. If you have to, please don’t spend too long revising the night before. 
  • Relax in any way you can. This could be by having a bath, reading, doing colouring or anything else that you love. 
  • Indulge yourself
  • Have a nice and fulfilling dinner. Tonight isn’t the night to not eat properly. 
  • Get off your phone. Please as it will affect you in terms of going to sleep. This will be detrimental for you. 
  • Go to bed early. This is so important. I’m not talking about 7pm early but please go to bed at a reasonable time.

    I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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