The Misconceptions of the ‘Perfect’ Life and Perfection.


What does perfect even mean???

To fuel my curiousness of finding out the definition of ‘perfect’, I decided to search for it on the good ol’ trusty Google. I discovered that the term ‘perfect’ was in fact definable.

Here is the dictionary definition of perfect.


The definitions of perfect vary by context but they all refer to the same idealism, the same unrealistic idealism.

Personally, I feel that perfection is completely and utterly subjective and is subject to one’s opinion. I feel that the term perfect is undefinable as everything and everyone is perfect in some way that is unique to that person or thing.

There is this massive pressure to be perfect, to have a perfect life and all that. It is completely and utter bullshit and completely unrealistic.

The media especially has placed a significant amount of pressure on people through both traditional media and modern media, notably due to the dramatic rise of online and social media.

There is something about Photoshopping the shit out of someone to make them look like what seems to be perfect that annoys the hell out of me. I’m not going into it too much as I don’t really feel like it but I do have really strong opinions about the matter.

This pressure to be perfect and to have a perfect life is something that can really have detrimental effects on peoples health, development, feelings, confidence and self esteem. This is really clearly the case when it comes to the young and impressionable people. They see these people looking perfect and having perfect lives and either feel like they are not perfect because they are not like them or feel like their life isn’t perfect because it isn’t the lifestyle that these well-known high profile people have.

As in the words of Hannah Montana, “Nobodys Perfect”

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.




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