My Thoughts on FC Barcelona 

Up to a few months ago, i really didn’t like Barcelona (I hated and still hate Real Madrid more) as I hadn’t really given myself the chance to like spanish domestic football but I have always respected the team and truth be told admired their way of play and the skills of their players.

However, this year I have gained a huge liking of the team and would now count myself as a casual supporter. I have watched several games over the last few months and let’s just say that the majority of the games that I have watched have been exciting. 

Everyone knows that FC Barcelona are a massive powerhouse when it comes European club football and that they have really good quality players. That’s obvious to see. However, after watching more and more as well as looking more into the history, stats and things from outside of football, their slogan of ‘Més que un club’ really symbolises what they are about even though they are still a business. 

People always assume FC Barcelona as being UEFAlona and that their players dive far too much and even though I would that the diving thing is somewhat true, it isn’t always that. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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