Let’s Talk: #CountdownTo18 

I turn 18 on May 19th (Which is in under a week when this is being posted, I am actually writing this on May 4th for convenience). I thought that I will share with you some of the things that I am most looking forward to when I turn 18. Lets Go.

Turning 18 is a massive deal in the UK and even though there are some things that we are allowed to do at 16 and 17, there are a lot of things that you can do at 18 that you couldn’t do before

Things I’m Looking Forward to When I Turn 18

  1. Something that is at the top of literally everyone’s list (Or almost everyone’s list) is that it is legal to buy and consume alcohol (You could have some alcohol with a meal at 16 and you could have some at home at an earlier age but at 18, it is officially legal to purchase and consume alcohol)
  2. The Vote (My 18th birthday lies before the snap general election on June 8th, which is absolutely amazing). I have been looking into everything in regards to the election and I have visited Polling Stations on a number of occasions with my dad. This is my first chance to actually be allowed to make my own democratic decision on such a huge scale. I am so happy that I will have a say on such a huge matter like the general election as I can be involved in changing the shape of the country instead of everyone making the decisions and all I could do was spectate.
  3. Parental consent no longer necessary as I will be a legal adult
  4. I can buy fireworks
  5. I am allowed to watch 18-Rated Movies at the cinema.
  6. I am allowed to go in the 18+ section of arcades
  7. I can get a tattoo if I want to
  8. I can open a proper bank account


Ideas  and inspiration came from http://lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com/exciting-things-that-you-can-do-once-you-turn-18

and http://lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com/fun-things-you-can-do-in-the-uk-when-you-turn-18

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next



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