Law Trip To London (Monday 19th December 2016)

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I recently (Not so recently now)  went to London on a law trip with school  (An educational law trip and not a shopping trip unlike the majority of people going to London at this time of year). I had such an amazing day and it was one of the best school trips I have been on (On par with the two times I have went to Thorpe Park with school). This is why I thought I would tell you about my trip to London (In a beautifully bulletpointed form accompanied with pictures).

  • Left at 8:30 from school and travelled by coach to London.
  • Arrived in London (Westminster to be precise) at around 10:30/11am
  • Walked to the Supreme Court and went inside the Court
  • Walked past Downing Street
  • Walked to Trafalgar Square
  • Just before midday we were released for our lunch break and had to get back to Trafalgar Square for 1:40
  • Went to the surprisingly quiet McDonalds near Charring Cross Station and had a fillet of fish, chips and milkshake.
  • Instead of going shopping, me and my friend decided to go to Buckingham Palace so we walked to Buckingham Palace and walked back through Green Park (I think)
  • Got back to Trafalgar Square and had some time to spare so I went to a gift shop on the strand and brought two fridge magnets.
  • Walked along the strand until the time we needed to meet back up at Trafalgar Square.
  • Met back with everyone
  • Walked to the Houses of Parliament
  • Went into the Houses of Parliament
  • FYI: We done a quiz in the education centre and I won (Let’s say that because of that my team won the whole thing at the educational centre.
  • Walked back to the coach
  • Got on the coach at around 4:30pm
  • Got back to school at around 6:30pm
  • Got home at 7pm and then had dinner before settling down for bed.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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