A Note To 2016

​2016… You were so many things to be honest. You were good, bad, happy, saw, exiting, boring, eventful, suprising, weird, cringy and embarassing but I loved you anyway. 2016, the year of suprises, a lot of deaths and some of the weirdest pop culture trends that I have seen.

On a final note… you come and gone so quickly. Well… 2017 is around the corner and I have no idea what it will be like or what will happen but if 2016 is anything to go by I should expect the unexpected and unpredictable. That is the lesson that 2016 has told me as the weirdest things do happen.

Even though I am saying goodbye to you 2016, I will hold onto the memories for the rest of my life as you were a good year and will embrace the new chapters that 2017 will bring me.

I hope you enjoyed this weird note and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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