My Favourite Sports

I love sports. Well… I mean I love watching sports but I absolutely hate participating in sports and actually doing sports with a burning passion. I watch a lot of sports and I’m pretty much constantly on BBC sports during the hours I’m awake at. I am looking at/watching/listening to something sport related from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed (with the exception of when I don’t have Wi-Fi, which occurs when I’m out or when I’m at school). This could easily be a list of just football, football and football but here is the list of my favourite sports to watch. Let’s get started.
My Favourite Sports

1. Football – No words are necessary to describe my love for football and there is no question that football is at the top of my list. It would be more surprising if football wasn’t No.1 than it being No.1. Also, i have been to matches countless times now either to watch my local team to Manchester City to the England National Team

2. Cricket – In the summer (From May to August) football isn’t on so I’m watching and enjoying the cricket. I love watching the T20 on the TV and I really love going to the 1 day cup matches. Well… i love county cricket and obviously England too. I am from Kent so I support Kent and I live about a 30 minute direct bus ride to one of the cricket grounds so I really should go to the cricket more often but I really don’t go to more than one game a year. I ALSO LOVE THE BIG BASH IN AUSTRALIA AND THE IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE).

3. Darts – I rarely watch it but when I do, my love for watching darts is reignited every time. I mainly watch it in December when the William Hill world championships are on sky sports but I love it. My favourite darts player is Raymond Van Barneveld if you want to know. #BarneyArmy.

4. Cycling – This is there because I love watching the Tour De France.

5. Any other sport in the TV… Apart from Rugby, American Football and Formula 1 I love to watch the tennis, sports in the Olympics, Winter Sports, Squash, Aussie Rules Football (The AFL) and a number of others too but I would be here all day if I named them all.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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