My Love For Football 

I love watching sports and my favourite sport to watch is most certainly football (Followed by cricket). I have loved football for as long as I remember and it’s such an amazing sport in regards to the atmosphere at a match to talking about it on a Monday morning at school with boys (Normally giving me stick when Manchester City has lost) and joking about it all. It is really a sport that brings people together. I support Manchester City as well as my somewhat local team Dover Athletic and I have been to a large number of matches throughout the last three seasons as it’s so cheap (£6 for me) and it’s such a good atmosphere even though it’s a non-league club. Personally, I think that the non-league is truly magical.

I have supported Manchester City for as long as I remember so please don’t say that I support them because they are now good because I have memories of watching them on the TV when they were not (And I’m in no way a plastic supporter and I’m so proud to say that I have supported Manchester City for as long as I can remember)

Also, there is something magical when everyone within a country, no matter what club they support, comes together to root for their national team in a major competition (For England fans like me we always expect out team to do well even though we expect them to disappoint us and we get angry when they exit a major competition and disappoint us).

I have went to the Etihad Stadium in Manchester 6 times to watch Manchester City as well as that I have been fortunate to go to Wembley twice to watch two of the Euro 2016 qualifiers (One was the match where Wayne Rooney got his 100th cap and the other was when Harry Kane scored within minutes of his debut).

Some key memories that I remember vividly are the England Matches that I have watched at Wembley, watching the City match at the Etihad where they beaten Norwich 7-0 and watching the somewhat recent (September more like) Dover match at the Crabble (Which was actually a TV match On BT Sport) where Dover beaten Forest Green 4-3. It was such a thrilling match and it was a good result as the previous two times Forest Green came to the Crabble Dover lost 1-0 (These matches were literally within days of each other and the same Forest Green player scored in both matches. One was in the regular season and the other was in the Play Off Semi Final First leg, which they ended up going through after a 1-1 draw and got beaten by Grimsby in the final at Wembley)

I had to include some videos and pictures that encapture my love for football so here it goes.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love football a lot and I feel that I haven’t done justice when it comes to talking about the amazing sport. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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