The Social Life: How I Edit My Instagram Photos 

So… Instagram, the place where people post their photos in a way that their photos are cohesive together. Otherwise called an Instagram theme. It’s crazy but I admire the art of having a top notch theme. I wouldn’t say I have a theme as such apart from my pictures pretty much being all rectangular  (Absolute godsend as I remember when you could only post square photos) and edited pretty much the same way on VSCO cam. Let’s get starred then.

This is the picture that I am using for the purpose of this post
I use VSCO Cam to edit my Photos
I select the picture and pick the edit tool so I can edit my photo
I start with the filters . I always choose HB1
Also necessary to say that I keep it on +12
Now onto the other editing tools. I barely do much though
The different editing tools. I only really use 1 of these editing tools, which is the exposure
Exposure +2
I then save and close it and either save it to my gallery to post it at a later date or I will share it and post it on instagram.
Here is the final image ready to be posted on instagram

If I’m feeling fancy when editing, I may adjust the temperature a little (This especially happens if a particular picture is either very warm toned or very cool toned)

The Logistics


Filter: HB1 (+12)

Other Effects: Exposure +2

So here it is it is really simple and easy because I’m lazy but I really like how I edit my photos. I have tried other filters, settings and all that but since like summer 2015, I have pretty much edited my pictures this way (The only notable difference from then and how is that I used to put the temperature down to -4 but now I don’t really alter the temperature at all)

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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