Random Ramblings #2 

‘Do all Meerkats Come from Russia? ‘

Alfie Wickers (Bad Education – Series 1, Episode 4 School Trip)

I love this quote and I’m obsessed with Bad education at the moment.

So… my life at the moment is so weird. I am in my first term of Year 13 and everything is hard. I mean it is all Uni, Employment and all that and to be completely honest I just want to travel and be a kid. Everything is so serious and it is making me really scared and anxious about it all. Its hard so I have to at least try keeping myself calm with constant treats to myself and making sure I do things other than school work. To be completely honest I actually have a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel with trees on at school as a way to calm me down when I’m anxious.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next



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