Surprise… I’m posting. I know i have been absent for a while on this blog. I am not one to make excuses but I have been really busy with life. I have had some of my Maths A-Level exams, had umpteens of ICT and Law BTEC coursework to do, I have started going on university trips to decide whether I want to go to uni (I have made a final decision but I won’t go into it now but I may post about it in the near future) and I have work experience next week (I will hopefully post about it after it has happened). I have been busy during the last month (Look above for the reasons why). It could of been laziness, it could of been due to being busy or it could of been that I forgotten about it and done other things instead (Like watching YouTube or playing on bejewelled stars)

I finish year 12 in around two weeks so I will hopefully post a lot more during the summer holidays (if I don’t forget). I haven’t really written a post in ages as my previous posts have mainly been scheduled (with the exception of a couple but I can’t remember writing them).

Hope you enjoyed this quick impromptu post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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