Collective Haul 

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I have brought a lot of things within the last couple of months. This is mainly because my birthday was on the 19th May and I got some money for my birthday. During the month of May I brought some beauty things and some other random things (Mainly Stationary and colouring books). Let’s get into it.

Beauty Things

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• Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Wishes Kit (£28.50)
• Benefit Cosmetics Party Like a Rockstar Kit (£19.66 reduced from £29.50)
• Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Bag (Free product when you brought two Benefit items)
• Benefit Cosmetics Boing Concealer Deluxe Sample (Free when you brought two Benefit items)

I went to Debenhams after my birthday specifically to go to the Benefit counter. Originally I was only going to purchase the Dandelion Wishes kit (I looked on the Debenhams website prior to going shopping) but when I was in the store I found the Party Like a Rockstar kit, which was reduced by quite a bit so I also brought that in addition to the Dandelion Wishes kit. (Something that I was actually looking at on the boots website a week or so before. I thought about buying it but I ultimately decided not to as i thought it was a tad too expensive for me to buy for myself). Due to the fact that I brought two products I got given a free makeup bag and a deluxe sample of the boing concealer.

Other Things

Personally i am not the one that shops on a regular basis but I have accumulated a large quantity of things like books, stationery, DVDs, colouring books and much more. I cant remember what I exactly got though so there is no detailed thing but I have brought a lot. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next 



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