Heart To Heart: Keeping Organised

Here is a post that is about something that I am personally good at which is keeping organised. I have struggled with it a lot in the past but here are some tips that I can think of that can help me.

• Write down what you need to do and then look at that list and prioritise what you need to do first and start with those tasks first.
• Be aware of deadlines and complete those tasks with the earliest deadlines first.
• Remove any distractions that you may have (Personally my biggest distraction is YouTube and being online in general)
• Have an planner (I still haven’t got a set planner yet though) and write everything down. I mean absolutely everything.
• When you have a planner it is important that you use different colours for different aspects of your life. It really helps you.
• When you have done something that you needed to do. Treat yourself.
• Keeping organised shouldn’t be a chore so make sure you are having fun whilst taking these steps in order to keep organised.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to keep organised. I hope to see you again soon when I post next.



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