Chelsey’s Corner: Living In Digital (My Favourite YouTubers)

I thought I would introduce another series titled ‘living in digital’ as our generation are using technology in our daily lives so it’s relevant to post about it. Also, I wouldn’t be able to blog on here without it. Let’s get to it then. Here are some of my favourite YouTubers, big and small.

Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle YouTubers

• Grace Ellie
• Jasmyn Gibson
• Eve Doherty
• Eve Bennett
• Floral Princess
• Quisha Rose
• Floral Beauty
• Grace Lilian
• Faith Ariella
• Amanda Steele
• Maddi Bragg
• CloeCouture
• Siena Mirabella
• MaddyMcQ

Sports Channels

• 442oons
• Football Daily

Other Channels

• WillNE
• Luna
• RiceGum
• Cookee Monsterr
• Reaction Time
• Cinema Sins
• ScreenJunkies
• AwesomenessTV
• AwesomenessTV UK
• Just Like That

And many more (I only subscribe to people I actually like to watch and I am subscribed to 452 channels on YouTube)

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully see you again soon when I post next.



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