Wow… We are officially in 2016 and 2015 went too quickly for my liking. I thought what better way to start 2016 by reminiscing on the past year and just a few of the highlights of the year.

I need to start with school as I passed all my GCSE exams in the summer and I was even in the local newspaper because of my good results. Also, I started 6th form in September and I am studying Maths, Law, IT and French now which I am really enjoying at the moment. Finally, to top it all off I got the award for KS4 progress at my secondary schools awards evening in December.

Finally, the highlights outside of school was that I went to Dubai with my mum and it was absolutely amazing and it was the best holiday in my life, I done NCS In the summer which was one of the greatest experiences as I done things that I had never done before, went out of my comfort zone, stayed away from home, ate foods that I didn’t know who cooked them for most of the time, cooked myself, camped, be more independent, live without life’s little luxuries (WIFI and signal were hard to find and some other things were weird not to have), made a difference in the local community and made some amazing friends to top it all off. Finally, I turned 16.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully see you again when I post next.



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