Heart To Heart: Exam Advice


I know that you would like Google to be sitting next to you for your exams but we all know that is highly unlikely if not impossible. I thought I would give you some of my pearls of wisdom and enlighten you with some of my advice as I have been there and have done that and I have learnt a lot of things that are necessary when it comes to these exams. We are told that these exams have a massive impact on our lives which can make this exam season very stressful. I taken my exams last summer and I ultimately done well in all if them and passed them all with at least a C as well as getting some Bs and As too. I do know that the exam season isn’t too soon but some people have mocks throughout the next few months to prepare for them so I thought it would be an ideal time to give you some advice on how to cope with exams and the exam period (As general as it will be though.)

1. Eat food but ensure you eat the right foods.

2. Keep Hydrated. Drink as much water as you can without drowning yourself and try to limit the amount of fizzy drinks and drinks that are high in caffeine (I know for some people it will be hard to limit their coffee intake).

3. Sleep is your best friend. Make the most of it as you need it.

4. Get up early and do everything slowly to avoid stress on the morning of the exam.

5. Prepare everything you need the night before to avoid the last minute rush in the morning before going to school.

6. Study (I’m not an expert but please don’t wing it as it won’t be beneficial for you at all)

7. After the exam don’t think about the exams too much as it will make you even more anxious about waiting for your results.
8. Keep calm and it will be fine

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it is at least a little bit beneficial for someone… see you guys very soon.



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