Benefit Cosmetics – Pucker Up And Party Balm Set Review


In October (I Think) I brought this beauty of a set at a local Fenwick when I was out with my family shopping.

This set was one of their Christmas 2015 limited edition sets so unfortunately I don’t think you can get it anymore but they have done sets like this in the past so there could be a set like this in the future though.

This set had a price tag of £19.50 but the goodies has a value that is worth about £44.68 which is amazing value in my opinion. This set includes what I would say are two full sizes of their balms: BeneBalm and PosieBalm as well as two deluxe samples (4ml size) of the respective tints that go with the balms.

Benefit is without a doubt my favourite high-end makeup brand and is also the only high-end brand that I have brought from and am willing to buy from as it is amazing in my opinion. I love Benefit so much because of their cute and enticing packaging as well as their amazing quality products.

I had high expectations of this set and it didn’t fail to impress me. I had BeneTint already from the primping with the stars kit that I bought in June and I really like it on the rare occasion when I decide to wear a completely full face of makeup and a backup is always a good thing to have anyway. PosieTint is also good for those days that I want to wear makeup and I’m surprised that I actually pick up my PosieTint more that my BeneTint which is very surprising to me. The stars of the set are most certainly the balms and I really love the balms as I feel that they are very moisturising and they have the perfect amount of pigment as I feel that some tinted lip balms are too pigmented which I’m not too keen on.  Overall I really like this set and I will buy some more benefit when the time comes.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully see you soon when I post next.



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