I have a lot of weird opinions on things that are very different to people that I know. Let’s get started as it would take forever otherwise. This will be the first of most probably many of these.

1. I Dislike Halloween (A lot)

Let’s start with something that is just a little bit controversial as many people love this holiday but personally I think it is a lame excuse for a holiday and it is not worth the hype. I have never been a fan of Halloween but I won’t judge anyone who is a crazy fan of Halloween or just likes it if they don’t judge me for not liking it as it is just my personal opinion. we just need to realise that everyone has an opinion and we need to respect the reality of each individuals opinions on certain matters. Let me explain the main reasons why…

1. Halloween costumes are far too scary in my opinion and when I was a child I was scared to death by someone one Halloween night. I am scarred for life due to this.
2. For one night only the ‘Don’t knock on strangers doors’ and the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rules are completely disregarded as little (and older) children knock on strangers doors and speak to said strangers.
3. The constant knocking is so annoying and I could go outside and strangle these people who disregard for my want of peace and quiet.
4. Sweets. This is the one night where children go out just for these trinkets (Sugar filled Joy, Cavity Inducing Heavenly items) which are not good for their health and if it was any other day many parents would disallow these things.
5. Why… It’s just a cash cow and it’s futile to buy sweets to absolute strangers who you have no idea who they are.

2. I think that the big holidays have gone over the top.

Another controversial one here but I feel that the main holidays namely Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthdays and Valentines Day are over the top. These are over the top and the real meaning of some of these are heavily distorted now.

That’s all for now as I can’t think of any more things off the top of my head at the moment. I will hopefully see you soon when I post again.



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