I’m going to have a break

As you can see from the title, I am going to have a break for an indefinite period of time. This is due to the fact that I haven’t had the time nor inspiration to post anything creative recently. I also want to relax without any pressures of posting as well as that my phone is currently not with me as it has gone for repairs as the phone screen went black last Sunday.  

I hope you understand and I hope to see you again soon when I post next (after my break)




*Disclaimer: This is 100% true. I wouldn’t want to lie even if I wanted to*


This started in my Tuesday ICT class where this kid was being too noisy so I couldn’t concentrate at all. I got really annoyed so obviously I chased him arhound the classroom much to the displeasure of my ICT teacher who didn’t like me in the first place (within good reason as I did get told off for playing games in his class a lot)

After that ICT class finished I thought that it was a good idea to chase the boy all the way to my French class and surprisingly I didn’t get caught running or anything.

When I got near the French class, he slammed the door and that tipped me over the edge so I simply just went into my French class and lifted up a chair to throw it at him.

Before I threw the chair, the teacher told me to put it down and told me to leave so I could calm down so I didn’t and up going back to class until after lunch where it was all ok until the end of class.

I got held up by my teacher due to the fact that she was worried that I would try to fight the boy, which I fully appreciate. I also found out that I was going to also get a behaviour referral form for something like threatening behaviour to a student (the boy also did for provoking me). This was honestly when I thought that I was going to get an external exclusion. This was really bad for me as I wasn’t the worst student until the end of term 4, where I got numerous behaviour comments and only two detentions for my misbehaviour in school.

Two days later on the Thursday afternoon I found out that both me and the boy were to get a day in internal exclusion. As we had made up on that day, I told him that I got an internal exclusion and said that he also had got one before any teachers told him.

So… the Friday after I want into internal exclusion for aggressive confrontation and it went well (That’s what the behaviour contract said at least). I was supposed to be in behaviour contract for a week after but as it was near to the end of the year and we had an activity week during the last week and a day so I only had to be on behaviour contract for one day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you again soon when I post next.


P.S: I was an immature person in the end of Y10 and the beginning of Y11 but I matured after that time and haven’t got into trouble since apart from once because I didn’t do PE.